Snake Dance


Aren't They Charming?

A snake breeder had two snakes he was trying to mate.
For the life of him, he couldn't get them within 2 feet of each other.
Frustrated, he called the local zoologist.  "You know what I would do?" she said.
"Chop down a tree, chop off a good sized log, split the log in two and make two tables out of it.
Put the tables and the snakes into a cage, and let them go at it."
The breeder thought this insane, but tried it.  Sure enough, he soon a slew of baby snakes.
He called the zoologist and asked how that was possible.  She replied, "Those snakes were adders.
Everybody knows that to get adders to multiply you need log tables."

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Source: by Cristobol Vila, December 2003, based on a woodcut by M C Escher

The really nice thing about Cristobol's site is that he not only has a lot of lovely images but he also includes a information about how he went about producing some of them, including this animated clip.  Why not check his site out?

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